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We supply fresh Apple for years, and our company established long time now and good experience make us provide better quality.

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Sweet and delicious wholesale cheap price from South Africa

Our offer includes such varieties as: Gala Royal Apple, Gala Must Apple, Golden Delicious Apple, Jonagored Apple, Jonagold Apple, Lobo Apple, Mutsu Apple, Gloster Apple, Champion Apple, Red Jonaprince Apple, Idared Apple and many others.

Description: New Crop, sweet, crispy, juicy, bright red color, delicious, thin skin, big size, high sugar content, long shelf life, Size: 85-115mm, Net Weight 200-400g/piece

The goods may be packed in the following types of packaging: loose box 13 kg, 1 – layer 6/7 kg, 2 – layer 12/13 kg, wooden box 13 kg, bushel 18 kg, telescopic box 11 kg, tray 4-6-8 pcs fruit, bag 1-3 kg, plastic crates.


-Variety: Royal Gala Apple and Fuji Apple
-Flavor:Smooth skin with light red color, high sugar with sweet -taste, very firm and juicy.
-Size: 32/36/40/44 (for 10kg/carton)
150/163/175/198 (for 18kg/carton and 20kg/carton)

-Color: Red
-Cold Storage Temperature: ±2°C
-Place of Origin: South Africa

Packing of Fresh apples & Avocados:
-10kg/carton.Size 32/36/40/44 for Europe market.(2054cartons)
-18kg/carton. Size 80/88/100 for  Indonesia.(1160cartons or 1186cartons)

Size 100/113/125/138 for Dubai Market. (1186cartons)
20kg/carton.Size 138/150/163/175/198 for Middle-east market. (1186cartons)


kinds: Golden delicious apples
2. Apple size: 88100/113/125/138/150
3. Apple packing: 18kg/ctn, 20kg/ctns

Product Origin: South Africa
Products Information:
1.Golden apple The skin of bagged fruit  is yellow–green and the surface of fruit is very clean . It tastes sweet , crunchy, juicy.

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