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SA produces a wide variety of Sesame seeds varying in color from white to red to black, with oil content varying from 40 to 50 %.
Product Specifications
Kinds : White/Black/Brown
Grades: Natural / Machine Cleaned
Mechanical Hulled, Aqua Hulled, Chemical Hulled
Auto Sortexed
Sun Dried or Auto Dried sesame seeds
Product Specifications
Purity: 99/1/; 98/2; 95/5; 99.90; 99.95; 99.97; 99.99
Moisture: 5% max
FFA: 1% max or 2% max
Admixture: 0.01% min
Total plate count: 20,000 cfu/gm max
Yeast & Mould: 5,000 cfu/gm max
Staphylococcus Aureaus: Absent/gm
E.coli: Absent/gm
Salmonellae: Absent/gm
Bhc: Not Detected
Ddt: Not Detected
Aldrin: Not Detected
Detection Limit: 0.01ppm
Packing: New Jute Bags 75/50/25/15/10 Kgs
HDPE/PP Bags 50/25/15/10 Kgs

Description by Manufacturer

Buy Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are small seeds with a pleasant, mild nutty flavor. They are a good source of Iron and Calcium. These seeds can be ground down into a paste called ‘Tahini’ which is one of the main ingredients in authentic humors. The outer husks provide extra fiber.

Sesame seeds are highly nutritious and tasty. They are a a good source of essential fatty acids, high in minerals including iron, magnesium, calcium, copper and manganese, and full of antioxidants and other phytochemicals which are believed by scientists to have excellent disease-lowering properties including lower blood cholesterol. Sesame seeds are great for adding to snacks or putting on top of bread or into muesli.

We are in the market here, so we can supply as much as demanded and on the quality that makes you come back again.

1-White Sesame

Oil content 48%
2%F.F. A (Oleic acid) at max .
3% Moisture cont mox. .
6%Moisture Conl. Max.
3%Coulour other than white at max (Admixture)

2- Mixed Sesame

Oil content 50%
3% Moisture cont mox..
6%Moisture Conl. Max.
3%Impurities max.

3 – Brown(red) sesame

Oil content 52 %
3% F.F.A ( Oleic acid) at max .
2% Impurities Max.
6% Moisture cont. max.
3% Colour other than White at max

Product Name Sesame Seed
Drying Process AD
Crop 2018
Place of origin Durban Port
Moisture 5.0% MAX
Admixture 0.05% MAX
Imperfect rate 1.0% MAX
Packing 25 kgs pp bag or According to Customer’s requirement
Delivery time 7-10 days after payment received
Payment terms T/T,Cash
Supply ability 2000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
Use Food

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