Elevate Livestock Nutrition with Our Premium #2 Alfalfa Hay

  1. Elevate Livestock Nutrition with Our Premium #2 Alfalfa HayIntroduction: In search of top-quality #2 Alfalfa hay to enrich your animals’ diet? Look no further! Our #2 Alfalfa hay offers exceptional nutritional benefits, presenting a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality. This comprehensive guide explores the unique attributes of our #2 Alfalfa hay, its nutritional breakdown, and how it caters to the dietary needs of various animals.
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    Section 1: Assurance of Quality At our farm, delivering top-tier Alfalfa hay is our commitment. Although the stem to leaf ratio in our #2 Alfalfa hay is slightly higher than our premium hay, the quality remains exceptionally high. Each batch undergoes rigorous inspection, evaluating crucial factors such as leaf to stem ratio, moisture content, color, contaminants like mold and pests, stem size, and nutrition levels.

    While our #2 Alfalfa hay may not meet the stringent standards set for our premium offering, it remains an excellent choice for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and other small animals that may not require the utmost quality of our premium hay.

    Section 2: Storage and Care Excellence We store our #2 Alfalfa hay in a clean, dry, and covered environment, ensuring it meets our quality standards. While it may not flake as perfectly as our premium hay, it remains a reliable feed option. Our commitment extends to prohibiting any presence of mold or toxic weeds, guaranteeing a safe and nutritious feed for your animals.

    Section 3: Dietary Considerations Given the high digestible energy (DE) of our #2 Alfalfa hay, controlling its intake in your animals’ diet is crucial. If your animals tend to gain weight, consider substituting part of their feed with alternatives like Teff hay or Bermuda grass hay, both low in Non-Structural Carbohydrates (NSC). Avoid substitutes like straw or brome, which may be of lower quality.

    Section 4: Nationwide Shipping Convenience Our buyers are our priority, and we offer competitive shipping rates for our Alfalfa bales across the United States. To ensure we meet your specific feed requirements, reach out in advance, allowing us to tailor our services to your needs. Whether you’re looking for a specific hay cutting or quantity, we’re here to collaborate and provide you with the best possible hay for your animals.

    Section 5: Alfalfa Hay #2 Analysis Overview For a more detailed understanding of our #2 Alfalfa hay, here’s a breakdown of its typical nutritional values (please note that these are averages and not certified analyses):

    • Crude Protein: 18%
    • Digestible Energy (DE): 1.12 Mcal/lb
    • Lignin: 6.5%
    • Crude Fiber: 35%
    • Non-Structural Carbohydrates (NSC): 13%
    • Relative Feed Value (RFV): 150
    • Calcium: 1.19%
    • Phosphorus: 0.2%
    • Ca:P Ratio: 5.95:1
    • Bale weight: 90-100 lbs
    • Number of strings: 3
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    It’s crucial to note that these values are averages from past analyses for comparison purposes, and actual loads may vary.

    Conclusion: Opting for our premium #2 Alfalfa hay ensures optimal health and performance for your animals. With our commitment to quality assurance, nationwide shipping, and a tailored approach to your needs, we aim to be your trusted supplier of top-notch Alfalfa hay. Don’t compromise on your animals’ nutrition — choose our #2 Alfalfa hay for a difference you can see and your animals can feel. Order now for a reliable and nutritious feed that exceeds expectations!

Elevate Livestock Nutrition with Our Premium #2 Alfalfa Hay

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